Custom Cast & Chrome understands our customers do not have an endless amount of funds to commit to a casting or chrome plating project or restoration.


We have very competitive pricing.  We do all work by hand, which means every piece get  VIP treatment. We guarantee our work, with the exception of pot metal, for one year.


Shop Around

Before bringing your items or project to our shop for pricing, we encourage potential customers to shop around among our competitors for their cost estimates and delivery time.

Large chrome shops, with large labor pools have ongoing multiple jobs, where some jobs are done ahead of smaller ones.

At CC&C, you are not paying for huge overhead costs, and worker pools.  What you are paying for is personalized service and a total commitment to quality workmanship, all done in a timely manner.

Delivery Time

We strive to meet all reasonable delivery requirements. Rest assure, we will “go the extra mile” to complete and meet your deadline. Average turn around is 4- 6 weeks.



We Encourage Walk-Ins

Custom Cast & Chrome pricing structure provide customers with price certainty. No hidden costs or surprises. We understand that you want to know exactly what you are being charged and why.


First, call or email us to make arrangements to discuss and see your metal parts and project requirements. (We also quote “ball park” pricing over the phone or email.  Exact estimates are quoted after seeing each part(s).


Secondly, we will discuss your specific needs from start to finish.


To include:

- Arrangements for us to see and inspect the condition  of each piece. (All received pieces are photographed.)

- Discuss the scope-of-work to be done.

- Determine the cost of the project accompanied by a  free written cost estimate. Pricing is based on our best estimate to properly refinish or restore each item.

- Shipping or pick up arrangements.

- Only when you are in complete agreement will we proceed on exactly what is to be done or restored and how much it will cost, coupled with a  timely completion date.

- (Although we can't guarantee additional work will not be needed (as is the nature of refinishing metal parts, we can guarantee  customer control of the budget. If the chrome plating or restoration scope of the work changes for any reason, it will be brought to the attention of the customer and all cost-effective alternative options will be discussed thoroughly. If there are extra costs, it will be agreed upon in advance before work is started.) 



Shipping to CC&C   

We require parts to be disassembled and stripped as much as possible of dirt, grease, paint, nuts and bolts, brackets, etc.).  After your packaged shipment arrives, we will inspect it, photograph all pieces, and contact you confirming the contents received. Rest assured, we treat your irreplaceable items as if it were our own. All pieces are marked and kept together throughout the process. In most cases, a written contract estimate is sent to the client. When services are agreed upon and accepted, work will begin.

Items can be shipped via UPS, FedEx or USPS.


Returning Shipped Parts

When the project is completed, you will be notified by phone or email. All item(s) will be weighed and properly wrapped and packaged.

Shipping charges are added to the final payment. CC&C ships UPS or  USPS.  (CC&C does not charge a handling fee.  You only pay actual shipping costs.)


Once final payment has been received, your items are shipped out. 


We require an initial 50% deposit on most jobs before starting. Small jobs may require full payment.
Remaining balance is due when the project is completed.


We accept cash, checks and most major credit cards.  Florida Resale Tax Certificates are recognized.

* Triple chrome plating involves a series of cleaning, sanding  and repairing  items, followed by copper coated dip plating for 4 to 6 hours, followed by heavy nickel plating, then chrome dip plating and polishing.